Pigeon Point Beach, Trinidad and Tobago

Written by on March 23, 2017

Pigeon Beach is an outgoing tourist beach at the Coast of Tobago Island. Tobago is one of the territorial regions of an island nation in the Caribbean known as Trinidad and Tobago. Pigeon Beach boasts its white sand beach, majestic palm trees, and the bordering shallow turquoise Caribbean Sea. Tobago Island, the home to Pigeon Beach is a centre of attraction in the Caribbean. It is an advantageous spot for those working in the busy side of the Port of Spain and Trinidad. Pigeon Beach is popular for water sport activities such as windsurfing and diving.

Tobago has its own airport, at the south side of the island. You can get direct flights to the airport from the Port of Spain, London, and other Caribbean Islands. Airlines that operate the flights to Tobago are British Airways, Virgin Airlines, and Caribbean Airlines. From the airport, there are old-fashioned American cars that provide taxi services to the city centre. Reach the bus station and find a public bus whose one of the destinations is Pigeon Bay Beach. You can seek assistance from the ticket office at the station on which bus to board.

Pigeon Beach is a large territory that it can accommodate sleeping facilities for its tourists. You can also find many accommodation facilities near the beach. The nice thing about sleeping in Pigeon Beach is that it is just a few minutes ride away from the city centre where there are many restaurants, shopping centers, and nightclubs. Here, there are lots of resorts, beach apartments, and villas. One such facility is the Pigeon Beach Hotel Apartments, which many classes of apartments so there is plenty of room to book in advance before the peak season of December. Other renowned facilities are the Bacolet Beach Club, Greenhaven Cottage Bed-and-breakfast Inn, and Plantation Beach Villas.

Close to Pigeon Beach are food stalls and supermarkets to buy the snacks and meals you will need during your excursion at the beach. There are also fast food joints to get light foods. Pizza Boys supplies nicely packed pizzas at the road junction in Pigeon Point. Pigeon Point Junction offers both snacks and large meal servings inform of buffet. Royal Castle, located along Milford Road, is a nice place for western fast food dishes like chips and chicken. Skewers at the Pigeon Point Junction, is a great spot for inland and seafood dishes. It includes a variety of cuisines from the delicious costal dishes of the Meditteranean class to the spicy and soupy Arabian dishes. The Store Bay Kiosks is a fine shopping centre where you can also find foods and snacks.

There are many fun activities to indulge in at Pigeon Beach and in attractions next to the beach. Remember to carry funds for paying the fee for entrance into the beach. Dive into the turquoise sea, party at the beach clubs, treat yourself to the rend restaurants, and take a stroll along the beach, amongst many other activities to indulge in at the beach.

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