Many described Shirvani as a “prodigy” during her teenage years.  Apart from excelling in the academic arena, she was very much and still is to an immense degree, involved in arts and culture.

As a member of The Shiv Shakti Dance Company, she received top honours in the Grand Finale of “Twelve and Under” in 1997 for Indian Dancing. She currently holds distinctions up to Grade 4 in Music Theory from The Royals School of Music and was a finalist of “Mastana Bahar” in 2003 having done an item that consisted of a song, a dance and a piece on the steelpan.

She has had the privilege of working with veterans in the music industry like Rana and Susan Mohip, Satrohan Maharaj and Michael Salickram among others. She was a 2-time Class Valedictorian of the Republic Bank’s Pan Minors Scholarship Programme in 2002 and 2003 and was part of a cultural contingent representing Trinidad and Tobago in South Carolina in 2002 showcasing various aspects of our rich diversity.

As a proficient dancer, singer and musician, music runs thick in her veins.
Some of her major hits produced as a singer include: “Jai Shiva Shankar,” “Prem Ki Agan Ho,” “Mere Man Men Base Hai Raam,” “Rahena Rahe Ham,” “Sajde Gypsy-Style,” “New Loverboy,” “Na Baba,” “Tai Laga Ke,” “The Christmas Medley,” “Ayee Bajariya,” “Chalat Musafir,” “Maaro Najariya” and “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai” and “Chaap Tilak” with Pakistani Pop Conoisseur, Elvis Elick.

In the academics arena, after completing seven years at The St. Augustine Girls’ High School, Shirvani moved on to The University of The West Indies where she completed her Bachelors of Science degrees in Chemistry and Management as well as Mass Communications, graduating with Honours. She additionally has an MBA and is fluent in Spanish and Hindi.
Having graduated from the Connecticut School of Radio/Television Broadcasting, she started off on Win Radio 101.1FM as a Presenter and Deejay and demonstrates true excellence, professionalism and skill in this field. She is a true inspiration to many and always brings a smile to her listeners via her bubbly personality.

She previously hosted on WinRadio 101 “The Saturday Sunshine” 6-10 am on Saturdays and “The Sunday Midday Sunshine” 10am-2pm on Sundays and is dubbed as “The Sunshine Girl,” “The Baby of Win Radio,” “The Desi Doll” and “The little lady with the powerful voice.” Both of these programmes are rated number one by survey polls as the most listened to within those time slots since inception, when compared to all other East Indian musical frequencies.

Also, she has been personally trained in media and journalism with emphasis in news by stalwarts Hansley Ajodha, Ken Ali, Afzal Khan (now deceased) and Sunil Ramdeen and additionally, she is the Presenter/Producer of “Chhote Champs”- a talent show for kids and teenagers aged 16 and under and “Win Bollywood Countdown”- a countdown of the top ten Bollywood videos weekly.

Shirvani, even though very petite in structure, continues to be an ardent propagator of East Indian culture, a role model to many youths in Trinidad and Tobago and the world at large and remains committed to youth/women empowerment at all levels.

Shirvani’s significant role in media/society truly provides a force to be reckoned with and currently, she is working on the formation of an NGO which will be called “The Shirvani Sookhai Foundation.”


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