About WIN Radio 101

WIN Radio is a Caribbean live stream radio station who’s ultimate goal is to have a platform for Caribbean Music, Artist and Personalities to reach not only the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean but the World.

WIN Radio is an evolution of WIN Radio 101.1 FM (Formerly Masala Radio) who began broadcasting 17 years ago in Trinidad and Tobago. Masala and 101.1 FM was founded by the late, humble visionary businessman, Mohan Jaikaran. Mr. Jaikaran, an icon in Trinidad, who was passionate about his culture and the people of the Caribbean was instrumental in consistently creating multiple platforms to showcase the many talents that reside in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. Unfortunately, after his passing the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago unjustly ruled that WINs broadcasting license ceased upon Mr. Jaikaran’s passing. This decision was and is still viewed as OUTRAGEOUS and politically driven.

When life gives you Lemons…create a new path forward! Win Radio live stream (www.winradio101.com) went “live” in April 2017 and promises to bring back much of what it’s listenership have grown use to over the past 17 years…but now with added variety and enhanced capabilities. Win Radio Livestream will be capitalizing on the “power” of the internet to bring you DJs and Personalities from around the globe and we will launch a mobile app in the 3rd quarter of 2017. We will remain true to our Caribbean people and we ask you to join us in support of our Caribbean culture.



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